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It’s been a minute since I created a product review for you. Well, it’s finally here! I do love a decent scent. There’s something about smelling good and how it makes you feel – confident, sensual, or feminine. In today’s post, I am sharing with you my thoughts on the Ythera Beauty Fine Fragrance Mists.

Ythera Beauty is a local female-run (#GirlPower) company that creates body care items with a niche in fragrances. I am totally obsessed with their Frangipani Body Mist and featured it in one of my previous posts. Here’s a quick summary of what I think about these luxurious yet affordable fragrance mists:

Vanilla Orchid – Floral notes. It comes off as delicate, youthful, and fresh.

Tuber Rose – Floral and fruity notes. It has a very sophisticated yet bubbly feel to it.

Frangipani – Exotic and floral notes. It has a divine, feminine, and soft vibe.

Malkia – Spicy and floral notes. It presents itself as bold, elegant, and romantic.

Goddess – Earthy and Citrus notes. A powerful, charming, and sensual scent.

I would love to know if you’ve tried these scents and your thoughts on them. And if not, what do you think would suit you best?

You can find Ythera Beauty’s Fine Fragrance Mists here.

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