Happy New Month Glow Gang,

I am starting April with a product review of a much-loved beauty tool! For the past few years, I have embarked on a task to build a DIY hair salon in my home. Ok…not really. 😅 Though I must say that I have been doing a decent job of taking care of and styling my hair. Gathering the right tools, both in terms of functionality and quality, has been a priority and this Philips EssentialCare Blowdryer falls in that category.

Finding good quality and affordable hairdryers for personal use can be a challenge. But worry not, Maya to rescue! I hope this review gives you hope of finding the perfect (locally available & pocket-friendly) blowdryer for you and your loved ones.

Products mentioned:
🌸 The Philips EssentialCare BHD002 Hairdryer:
Available at Carre Four Supermarkets.
Available on My Red Rhino.

🌸 Universal Afro Comb Attachment for Blowdryers.

Mapenzi tele,


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