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I have been under the weather lately and taking a bit of time for self-care. Regardless, I still wanted to create a post for you and share my experience at The Healing Circle with Monversation. As mentioned in my Healing Journey post, this year I have been intentional about prioritizing my emotional wellbeing. However, doing it on my own has been such a challenge, it gets intense and at times I feel like giving up.

I am proud of myself for handing over the reins and receiving guidance and support via the Healing Circle in September 2020. The program is hosted by intuitive healing coach, Dorina (known as Monversation online). She’s such a beautiful and graceful soul! She offers one-on-one healing sessions and hosts programs for women seeking to acknowledge and transcend their painful experiences.

The Healing Circle is a program she hosts that can runs anywhere from 1 week to a month. It’s designed to create a space for those seeking assistance in their healing journey. Journal therapy, affirmations and Q & A sessions are some of the techniques used during the program. I had such a wonderful time and was grateful to have been supported on the days where I felt overwhelmed.
Experience the Healing Circle this November! Click here for more details.

Check out Monversation’s website here.

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