Natural Hair

Wash Day using Saru Organics

I hope you’re all doing great. So my wash day came around, and I decided to film it for you. I just took out my braids and was in dire need of a deep clean for my hair and scalp. I recently received a PR package from Saru Organics and decided to whip some products out for my wash day. Their products are mainly composed of an organic ingredient deck, and I also love the fresh herbal scent they all have. So far, my hair is loving these products! I will be sure to keep you updated in future videos.


Flat Twist Crown Tutorial

Hey Glow Gang,

How are you all doing? It’s quite an interesting ride that we’re currently on. I do hope you’re all hanging in there 💖 I created this simple flat twist crown tutorial for you, it’s been my go-to hairstyle for years. It’s quick and simple to put together, and oh so pretty!


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