Makeup Tools

Full Glam using Affordable Brushes

Hey Glow Gang,

I am happy to report that I am feeling much better this week! As I was trying to figure out what to share with you, I came across this makeup look that I had filmed for my IGTV. I decided to upload it here for you too. This simple glam was created using affordable brushes from Du Bois road. You can view my review of the brushes here.


Squeaky Clean Makeup Tools

Hey Glow Gang,

I hope you’re keeping well this rainy September. As a proud member of the ‘Beauty Enthusiasts Association’ (yes, I totally made that up!), I am always playing with makeup and I tend to wear a ‘beat face’ on most days. As much as I love getting dolled up, I do like to ensure that my skin is feeling it’s best and I observe general hygiene. (more…)