Wash Day using Saru Organics

I hope you’re all doing great. So my wash day came around, and I decided to film it for you. I just took out my braids and was in dire need of a deep clean for my hair and scalp. I recently received a PR package from Saru Organics and decided to whip some products out for my wash day. Their products are mainly composed of an organic ingredient deck, and I also love the fresh herbal scent they all have. So far, my hair is loving these products! I will be sure to keep you updated in future videos.


My At-Home Blow Out Routine

Hey Glow Gang,

I hope 2020 has started off well for you all. Personally, I am undergoing major life shifts. January has been quite intense for me. However, I believe that challenges provide an opportunity for growth, so I can’t wait to see what the new year holds for me.


Henna Treatment on my Natural Hair

Happy November Glow Gang,

Sending you love and light this new month😊

I love bringing you along my hair journey and sharing with you my haircare ‘secrets’ and regimens. It’s been over a year since I started doing henna treatments on my hair and I must say, my mane is loving it!


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