Hey Glow Gang,

I hope you’re keeping well this rainy September. As a proud member of the ‘Beauty Enthusiasts Association’ (yes, I totally made that up!), I am always playing with makeup and I tend to wear a ‘beat face’ on most days. As much as I love getting dolled up, I do like to ensure that my skin is feeling it’s best and I observe general hygiene.

Cleaning my makeup tools is so vital to my skin’s health. Dirty brushes and sponges tend to harbour bacteria that can lead to break-outs. My weekly routine of cleansing my tools delivers fresh and sterile tools that apply product best and helps in keeping my skin pimple-free.

Products used:

  • Natural Glam KE’s Pure Tea Tree Oil – Available here.
  • Safisha Multi-purpose Washing Up Liquid – Available at Tuskys, Carre Four and Naivas supermarkets

Mapenzi Tele,


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