My Simple Everyday Makeup Look

Hey Glow Gang,

I hope you have been having an amazing week. I am so excited to post my first ever make-up tutorial!

Starting out in make-up doesn’t have to be so daunting. Once you have your skincare routine down, you can play with make-up at your own pace. There’s more than enough time to learn how to create a smokey eye and contour your face. I would advise you to start really simple. This look only takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to achieve. It’s great for your activity-packed weekdays and is perfect to wear to school, work or when you’re running errands. (more…)

My Simple Daily Skincare Routine

Hey Glow Gang,

This year I seek to be aggressively consistent with taking better care of myself – body, mind and soul. My skin does fall into one of these categories, and as much as a gorgeous glowing complexion is mainly achieved through adopting a healthy holistic lifestyle, the beauty store shelves do have a thing or two to help a girl/guy out.   (more…)

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