Hey Glow Gang,

The cold season is now in full swing. Wearing thick cozy socks and having several cups of tea are part of my daily routine. My beauty routine tends to stay the same, however, I noticed over the years that I tend to reach out for particular products during the Wintertime.

Grab a hot cuppa and allow me to share with you my essential beauty items for this chilly period:

  • Aloe Vera Gel – Hydrated skin is important to me all year round. I mostly use it as an eye gel but tend to apply it all over my face when it gets cooler.
  • Hair Butters – A moisturized mane is a happy mane! At times, my strands just need a little hydration pick-me-up with going in with water. In comes the need for a creamy hair butter.
  • Coconut oil – The skin on my body can get uncomfortably dry during this season. My coconut oil always comes through to seal in moisture and nourish my skin.
  • Face Highlighters – My oily skin does a great job at keeping my makeup looking dewy during the hot season, but when it gets cooler I like to add in that extra glow with a pigmented highlighter.
  • Rich and Dark Nail Polishes – I have an interesting habit of switching up my nail lacquers to berry tone hues. I think it just goes perfectly with the weather!

I would love to know what are your winter beauty must-haves.

Products mentioned:

  • Fava Herb Organic Aloe Vera Gel – Available here.
  • Mosara’s Hydrating Butter – Available here.
  • Alison’s Coconut Oil – Available at Carre Four, Tuskys and Naivas Supermarkets.
  • Rich Glow Liquid Highlighter – Available here.
  • Golden Rose & Pam Nail Polish Nail Lacquers – Available at Carre Four Supermarkets.

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