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Skincare goes beyond what’s in your beauty bag or dresser. Your lifestyle plays a great role in the state of your skin.

I truly believe that great skincare starts from within. First things first – hydration. Water is the main component of our skin cells and therefore we need to stay well hydrated as often as possible.

“You are what you eat.” Nothing could be further from the truth than this statement. Fresh fruits and veggies help protect the skin from cellular damage caused by solar radiation and environmental pollutants. Healthy fats from foods like nuts and certain edible oils (like sunflower oil) contain essential fatty acids that are building blocks of healthy skin cell membranes.

Glowing from the inside out means investing in emotional and physical self-care. Meditating, aromatherapy, journalling and opening up to a loved one or therapist when distressed, are great ways of maintaining emotional balance. Additionally, exercise gets the body moving, releasing endorphins – ‘feel good’ hormones.

Let’s talk about hygiene. Anything that comes into contact with your face needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Change your pillowcase weekly and be sure to disinfect your phone every couple of days. Our phones tend to be really filthy as we place them on several surfaces throughout the day and are constantly touching them – a bacterial hazard.  You wouldn’t want the next phone call you pick to lead to a breakout. I use spirit or rubbing alcohol to disinfect my phone often. Cleaning your makeup brushes weekly will also go a long way in preventing any future breakouts.

I do love to give my skin a break from complexion makeup items. Hence, I tend to be bare-faced at least once a week to give my pores some downtime.

Lastly, a consistent skincare routine with effective products will give your skin a great wellness boost.

What are your tips for maintaining clear skin? Do let me know😘



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