Natural Hair Type 4 on Wash Day

Hey Glow Gang,

I am actually doing a happy dance as I put down this post! I truly believe my hair is my crown and there’s no better way to care of it than dedicating some TLC time for my mane. My wash day routine is pretty simple…and yes, it can take almost a day at times😅

My hair tends to need the most love after being in a protective style for weeks. To cleanse my locks I will be using the Mikalla ‘Cleansing & Conditioning’ Shampoo with added drops of peppermint oil. I like to take my time working the product in and massaging my scalp to clean away any impurities (product build-up and dust). Once my hair and scalp are squeaky clean, I go in with TCB Naturals ‘Deep Penetrating Treatment’ to nourish my hair and provide slip when detangling. I leave the deep conditioner in for 30 minutes with a plastic shower cap on, to infuse heat. Afterwards, I rinse off the deep conditioner and I seal in the attained moisture with my DIY Hair Oil Blend. And voila…clean, hydrated and nourished hair!

What products do you use for your Wash Day?

Products Used:

  • Mikalla ‘Cleansing & Conditioning’ Shampoo + Blends of Nature Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Scalp Massager
  • Hair Clips
  • Generic Plastic Afro Comb
  • TCB Naturals ‘Deep Penetrating Treatment’ with Shea Butter & Honey
  • My DIY Hair Oil Blend


*All the products used (except my DIY Hair Oil Blend) can be found at Super Cosmetics Stores and/or Best Lady Cosmetics Stores in Nairobi.

Mapenzi tele,


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