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Hey Glow Gang,

This year I seek to be aggressively consistent with taking better care of myself – body, mind and soul. Skincare does fall into one of these categories, and as much as a gorgeous glowing complexion is mainly achieved through adopting a healthy holistic lifestyle, the beauty store shelves do have a thing or two to help a girl/guy out.  

Skincare to me means; giving my face and body much needed TLC after battling with Nairobi’s pollution, getting to test out my latest skincare goodies and giving myself a few minutes of self-care in the midst of a jam-packed weekday schedule. Here is my pretty simple A.M. and P.M. facial skincare routines. What does skincare mean to you and what does your routine look like?



Morning Skincare Products

  • Dudu Osun Black Soap – Best Lady Cosmetics (Nairobi); Moi Avenue and
  • Super Cosmetics Stores
  • Luron’s Aloe Vera Gel – Naivas Supermarkets & Quick Mart Supermarkets
  • Simple ‘Hydrating Light Moisturizer’ – Quick Mart Supermarkets
  • SPF 30+ ‘UV Sun Defense Refreshing’ Sunscreen – Miniso Stores
  • Ballet ‘Butter Blend’ Petroleum Jelly – Naivas Supermarkets & Quick Mart Supermarkets

Evening Skincare Products

Mapenzi tele,


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