Simple Eyebrow Makeup on Dark Skin

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It’s been getting pretty cold, and the sun is getting more scarce as the days go by. 😭 I hope you’re keeping warm and ushering in the cold season much better than I am. The past several years have seen quite the evolution of eyebrows, with the thin, pencil-like brows being overthrown by bushy, bold brows. The beauty community has been even more experimental in recent years, from the super defined ‘Instagram’ brow to the unusual feather brows, eyebrow trends are constantly morphing.

I would describe my eyebrow preference is more of a natural elongated brow shape. Stick around as I take you through my simple eyebrow routine. How do you get your brows looking ‘fleeky’ and what’s your desired brow shape?

Products used:

  • Generic Tweezers – Supercosmetics stores
  • Jossy Premium Rose Water – Naivas supermarkets
  • Davis Pencils in No. 1 & No. 3 – Mother of Beauty Cosmetics Store, Sasa Mall, Nairobi CBD
  • L.A. Girl ‘Pro-conceal’ HD concealer in “Chestnut” – The 25th Hive makeup store
  • Generic Clear Mascara – Supercosmetics stores
  • Highlighting Powder – Black Opal ‘True Color’ Loose Powder – 400 ‘Medium’ – Supercosmetics stores
  • Generic Highlighter – An alternative is Maybelline’s Master Chrome Highlighter – No. 200 – The 25th Hive makeup store

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