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For the past few months, I have been struggling with hair fatigue. The constant detangling and styling had me feeling exhausted, mentally and physically. It’s usually at this point that I know it’s time for a long term protective style. Crotchet braids have become a go-to protective style for me. They’re easy to install and stay neat for a longer period compared to regular braids. In today’s video, I’ll take you through the process of having the Mambo Curl crotchet braids by Darling installed. 

It’s my third time having this hairstyle in, and I love it. I had my wonderful hairdresser, Hellen, be the star of this tutorial, and she did not disappoint!

I would love to know whether you are into crotchet braids and how they’re working out for you. 

Hairdressing by Hellen – 0717188972

Best Lady At-Home Delivery –  0724244305

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