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Tis time to talk skincare! Taking better care of my skin has been a goal of mine this year, and despite all the external chaos, I am grateful to have kept my word. Today’s little convo will be centred around ‘A Solid 50‘, an informative and easy-to-read e-book. The book is built on the belief that cleansing makes up 50% of your skincare routine i.e. Clean skin is the starting point of making skin routines work and achieving healthy thriving skin.

The book was authored by skincare enthusiast and educator, Ijeoma Lyons aka Skin By Ij. As I dove deeper into the book, I understood the author’s perspective on cleansing and its vital role in an effective skincare routine. I decided to share with you the core principles I picked up from this brilliant publication, and why I think you need it in your life too!

Grab your ‘A Solid 50’ copy here: https://www.skinbyij.com/.

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