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Self-Love is a topic that’s been on my mind lately and I felt called to share with you the ways in which I practice it. Having regard for my own well-being and happiness has been a priority to me for the past couple of years. I express self-love to myself in different ways:

Self Acceptance

I believe this means learning to embrace myself fully! Loving my light and my shadow, my strengths, and my weaknesses. This involves accepting my physical appearance, emotional state, and personality type.

Self Compassion

It’s human to make mistakes and be disappointed in our circumstances or a particular outcome. I tend to be hard on myself at times, especially when things don’t turn out how I hoped they would. Being gentle and forgiving with myself has really improved my relationship with myself and makes me feels warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Setting & Honouring Boundaries

Boundaries are guidelines to how someone relates to themselves and the rest of the world. There has definitely been more of an emphasis on the boundaries between ourselves and the rest of the world. But, in the past year, I have been learning to respect the boundaries which I set for me in relation to myself. At the end of the day, my personal boundaries are created to ensure my wellbeing and hence are a form of showing love o myself.

Self Soothing

We all go through difficult times or face challenging situations. I have come to realize the power of self-soothing in relation to self-love.

Showing up for myself when I am down can look like having a good cry, venting to a friend or diffusing my favourite essential oil.

Meeting My Needs

Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, a meditation session or getting a good night’s sleep, figuring out ways to meet my needs in a healthy manner is so vital to my self-love process.

A beautiful reminder to myself and to you too!

One thing I have struggled with for the longest time is disidentifying with past negative experiences and realizing they do not alter my value in any way. My value is infinite and constant, and so loving myself can be a consistent practise regardless of my life experiences 💖

I would love to know the ways in which you express self-love. Do share!

Mapenzi tele,


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