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I love bringing you along my hair journey and sharing with you my haircare ‘secrets’ and regimens. It’s been over a year since I started doing henna treatments on my hair and I must say, my mane is loving it!

I have noticed that my hair is stronger and hence I experience less breakage. My strands are also shinier and my scalp is thriving (its antimicrobial properties fight off dandruff). I usually apply my treatment every 3 to 4 months on freshly washed hair, and the result is bouncy and healthy curls.

Henna’s potent benefits explain why it’s an ancient beauty staple among several cultures. Curious about trying this age-old hair treatment? Let me be your test subject, as I take you through how I use Henna on my natural tresses.

My Henna Treatment Recipe:

  • Nupur henna pack – Available at Super Cosmetics stores.
  • Room temperature water
  • DIY Hair oil

*I do not use specific measurements when creating my Henna Paste.

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