Hey Glow Gang,

As a previous freelance makeup artist, I was always a part of one’s glam team and behind the camera on set. When Eve from Blanco Creative invited me to her studio for a glam session, I was excited to be the muse for once. She’s one of Kenya’s most talented professional makeup artists, so I was confident that am in safe hands. Plus her warm, bubbly energy made the session fun and memorable.

Be sure to check her out on Instagram (see below) and support her work. I hope you enjoy this video!

Connect with Eve here:
Instagram – @blancocreativestudio
Makeup sessions are on appointment only. Book via: eve.blancocreative@gmail.com.

Blanco Creative Studio Address: 23 Olenguruone Road, Lavington, Nairobi.

Mapenzi tele,


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