Skincare and Makeup

Glowy Glam Makeup Look

Glowy Dewy Makeup on Dark Skin Woman

Hey Glow Gang,

Nothing says “effortlessly beautiful” like a fresh, glowy face. I love to center my makeup looks on the base (the ‘my skin but better’ aesthetic). This glowy beat is perfect for an outdoor dinner or photo shoot session. It also brings back great memories of being at the Coast as my skin always gets dewy because of the humidity and has a healthy and youthful glow. (more…)

My Simple Everyday Makeup Look

simple makeup look on dark skin maya's glow

Hey Glow Gang,

I hope you have been having an amazing week. I am so excited to post my first ever make-up tutorial!

Starting out in make-up doesn’t have to be so daunting. Once you have your skincare routine down, you can play with make-up at your own pace. There’s more than enough time to learn how to create a smokey eye and contour your face. I would advise you to start really simple. This look only takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to achieve. It’s great for your activity-packed weekdays and is perfect to wear to school, work or when you’re running errands. (more…)

My Simple Daily Skincare Routine

Flatlay of kenyan blogger skincare products

Hey Glow Gang,

This year I seek to be aggressively consistent with taking better care of myself – body, mind and soul. Skincare does fall into one of these categories, and as much as a gorgeous glowing complexion is mainly achieved through adopting a healthy holistic lifestyle, the beauty store shelves do have a thing or two to help a girl/guy out.   (more…)

My Current Beauty Favourites

Flatlay of kenyan blogger beauty products

Hey Glow Gang,

Ok first off, hey, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Maya. Welcome to this space where we talk about all things beauty and lifestyle. Thank you for popping in for my first ever post *screams*. Also, it may sound cheesy, but all me to refer to you as the ‘Glow Gang’. I am so grateful to have you be a part of this space, as we grow to glow on the inside and out. As a beauty enthusiast am constantly trying out a variety of products, favouring those that prove to be effective, affordable and locally available (I know my Kenyan Beauties are out there).
Grab yourself a cup of chai or a snack as I let you in on the beauty products that I am currently obsessed with and would highly recommend to you.

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