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Du Bois Road Makeup Brushes

Hey Glow Gang,

Du Bois road brings back some great memories from a few years back, when I was in my 2nd and 3rd year of University. My friends and I would hop onto a matatu after our morning classes to go shop for cheap lashes and cute fashion accessories.

I love sharing with you affordable beauty finds. Du Bois Road is the spot for the most affordable makeup tools! For Kshs. 1,050, I was able to cop seven brushes that can create a simple or dramatic makeup look. I did clean my brushes before and after use, to make sure my skin stays breakout free!


My Simple Wash Day Routine

Hey Glow Gang,

I have missed you loads. I am actually doing a happy dance as I put down this post! I truly believe my hair is my crown and there’s no better way to care for it than dedicating some TLC time for my mane. My wash day routine is pretty simple…and yes, it can take almost a day at times😅  (more…)